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Did you know that at Progressive Title Loans that we make getting a new loan so easy that there are endless possibilities for what you can use one of our loans for. You may ask, what makes a loan at Progressive Title Loans any easier than getting a loan from one of our competitors? Well for starters, we offer lower interest rates than most businesses that offer title loans in the Magic Valley. What does that mean for you if you are in need of some cash? It means that your payments will be lower. That's easy. The next thing that our lower interest rates mean is that our loans are easier to pay off because when your rate is lower, you are paying more of your principal balance down with every payment that you make.

When you consider a new loan please give us a chance to show you how easy a new loan at Progressive Title Loans really is.

Call anytime at 208-735-1881 or stop by and talk to us at Progressive Title Loans, 703 Washington St. North, Twin Falls, ID 83301. We are located in the same building as Progressive Auto Sales