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Our staff has been helping residents of Twin Falls, ID obtain the financing they need for more than three decades.

Progressive Title Loans offers friendly service and prompt decisions. They serve a challenging area of business that is so important to people who really need short=term financing. Plus, they are very professional in how they process your paperwork and loan payments. Thank you, Scott

Anthony T

Progressive has treated me great, when I needed help these guys were great to work with!

Gary M.

Easy to work with, friendly staff that worked great with us and our need

Karen D.

The staff are very nice, professional,understanding and non judgemental of your financial situation that you may have.
Scott makes sure that you understand the loan information and that you can manage payments comfortably before signing.
I highly recommend them.

Deborah D

Put your finances back on track

If you're tired of drowning in debt with no relief in sight, turn to Progressive Title Loans in Twin Falls, ID. Choosing our title loan agency means you'll be:

  • Borrowing directly from our owners
  • Paying a lower interest rate
  • Working with a locally owned and operated company

We pride ourselves on being flexible with every person we work with. We strive to ensure that you receive the money you need and affordable loan payments.

Work one-on-one with our loan specialists

Avoid title loan companies that only treat you like a number. The staff at Progressive Title Loans provides personalized assistance to every person we work with.
Our financing terms are as follows:

  • Our standard and maximum annual percentage rate: 299% for unsecured installment (cash) loans and 199% for secured installment (title) loans
  • The minimum repayment is one month and there are no penalties for paying your loan off early.
  • The maximum period for repayment is 36 months.

If you borrowed $500 today, 6 monthly payments, with interest and fees the cost would be $330.02.
We understand how stressful and overwhelming debt can be. We work hard to help you obtain financing through title loans. Stop by Progressive Title Loans in Twin Falls, ID today to apply for an auto title loan.

Titles loans can help you pay for:

  • Utilities
  • Car Repairs
  • Rent or mortgage
  • Credit card bills
  • Medical Expenses

Applying for an auto loan to pay for car repairs? We partner with a local auto body shop and will include the repair estimate in your title loan total.

Stop worrying about upcoming rent, educational expenses or other bills. Get the money you need from Progressive Title Loans in Twin Falls, ID. Call 208-735-1881 as soon as possible with questions about our title loans and cash loans.